Read the reports of the ICA Education Colloquia held May 2022

ICA Network for Innovation in Life Sciences Higher Education (ICA-Edu)

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The Colloquium explored the opportunities and challenges of mainstreaming blended learning in Life Sciences Higher Education: through institutional, student and lecturer perspectives. Blended-learning practices and experiences may vary widely in design and execution. Improvements in both university curricula and learning technologies, together with the impacts of the COVID pandemic, means that it is a learning mode that continues to gain momentum and usage.

ICA Community of Practice for Bioeconomy Education (ICA CoP Bio-Edu)

Read the Report of the Colloquium here

The Colloquium addressed Interdisciplinary Education for the Bioeconomy: embedding the mindset of the bioeconomy in the curricula of Bachelor degree programmes. Students follow many different Bachelor degree programmes which provide opportunities for careers in the different fields of the bioeconomy. The Colloquium will address how an interdisciplinarity mindset of the sustainable circular Bioeconomy can be embedded throughout the curricula of these Bachelor degree programmes.


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