ICA Standing Committees

ICA’s Standing Committees are either subject specific networks within the disciplinary areas represented by ICA or support networks for the development of education, research, internationalisation and innovation.

The Standing Committees are members of the ICA Council which acts as a forum for dialogue between all parties with a view to preventing unnecessary competition, and to benefit from cooperation and the resulting synergy. For example, this has been of particular benefit in past ICA led projects where IROICA, AGRIMBA, SILVA have jointly contributed to project development and execution.

Subject Specific Networks

AGRIMBA, International Network for the MBA Agribusiness and Commerce

ERABEE, Network for Education and Research in Agricutlural and Biosystems Engineering in Europe

IFA, ISEKI Food Association

SILVA, European Forest Science Academic Network

Support Networks

Agrinatura, The European Alliance on Agricultural Knowledge for Development

CASEE The ICA Regional Organization for Central and South Eastern Europe

IROICA, the International Relations Officers’ Network of the Association for European Life Science Universities

I.S.L.E. Association for Innovation, Teaching and Promoting Sustainable Development in the Life, Applied and Social Sciences in Europe and worldwide