ICA Week of Conference 2012

ICA Network for Higher Education in the Life Sciences Conference (ICA-Edu)1

Educating the Net Generation in the Life Sciences

Thursday 21 June 9.00 to Friday 22 June 13.00

held at
Faculty of Science and Technology, Free University of Bozen – Bolzano, Italy

See the Programme and download the presentations

Conference Focus

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is playing an ever greater role in the lives of university students, academic staff and administrators.  Our students from their earliest years interact with electronic games and by the time they apply for university are internet and IT aware, and social networking is an integral part of their lives.

Jacob Søby Bang (2010)2 summarised some characteristics of students of the Net Generation as those who

*  want to navigate the world with technology
*  are looking for opportunities – and doubt if we are the best to give them that
*  prize freedom and freedom of choice
*  want to customize things, make them their own
*  will check out before they decide
*  will look for integrity and openness
*  are natural collaborators, who enjoy a conversation, not a lecture
*  want to have fun
*  expect to be served now

This ICA-Edu Conference will examine how Life Science universities are adapting to these expectations and how they are developing innovative approaches in the use of ICT to deliver their degree programmes and courses..

See the Programme and download the presentations

[1] ICA Network for Higher Education in the Life Sciences (ICA-Edu) was formerly the ICA Standing Committee for the European Conference for Higher Agricultural Education (ECHAE).  It is proposed to re-launch this Standing Committee at this Conference

[2] Jacob Søby Bang (2010. Targeted recruitment based on knowledge about mega trends and personal involvement. ECHAE Conference 2010, University of Zagreb.