2023 ICA-Edu Webinar 5 One Health Curriculum

ICA-Edu Webinar No 5

A One Health module: history and evolution at the University College Dublin

was held on Thursday 7 December from 13.00 - 14.00 CET

Presenter: Associate Professor Barry McMahon, School of Agriculture and Food Science, University College Dublin, IE

Abstract:  The term One Health originated at the beginning of the century as an approach to deal with emerging zoonoses. This module had  similar origins but has evolved since that time. In the presentation I will describe the outline of the module with the learning objectives and  the delivery focused around the risk assessment of specific zoonoses of national and international importance. There is a collection of academics and researchers who teach into the module with veterinarians, medics, ecologists and food safety specialists all contributing. An overview of the assessment methods will be presented along with some feedback from students in recent years. Finally, I will present some ideas where I believe the One Health approach should focus into the future and how inputs and consequences of agricultural and food production systems are the core this approach.

Download the powerpoint presentation and see the recording here

Short Bio:

Barry McMahonBarry McMahon was appointed a Lecturer in Wildlife Conservation & Zoonotic Epidemiology in the UCD School of Agriculture & Food in 2011. Previously, he had been a post-doctoral researcher examining the interaction between agriculture and biodiversity. His current research focuses on diseases, including antimicrobial resistance, that are reservoired in or disseminated by wild birds and mammals. In addition, Dr McMahon continues to explore the interactions between agriculture and biodiversity. In addition, Dr McMahon is interested in understanding the population biology of Red Grouse (Lagopus lagopus hibernicus) in Ireland and this research contributed to the Red Grouse Species Action Plan 2013. Overall, the theme of Dr McMahon's research relates to the One Health initiative.