Rasa Pakeltienė appointed as the ICA Secretary General from 1 March 2022

Rasa Pakeltienė ICA SG 100pxlCurrently, Rasa Pakeltienė is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and at the Faculty of Bioeconomy Development at the Agriculture Academy of Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania. She holds a Master’s degree in Management and Business Administration and a PhD in Social Sciences Management field focusing on mapping the potential for the synergistic development of rural areas.

Rasa Pakeltienė has been working at the university since 2011 and is a member of various committees inside and outside the university. She is an active member of the extended SCAR AKIS meetings and represents the University at the Nordic Association for Agricultural Scientists (NJF) and the European Rural Network Assembly. As an independent expert, she takes part in the ENRN thematic group of “Rural Proofing” and “Sustainability Agreements in the Agri-food Supply Chain” as well as working as an external expert for H2020 and Horizon Europe proposals. Since last September she has been working as a Knowledge and Innovation Officer at the “EIP-AGRI Knowledge and Innovation Support Facility” in Brussels. She will continue with these engagements whilst acting as ICA Secretary General – engaged on a 0.6 FTE agreement with Vytautas Magnus University.

Rasa Pakeltienė was a member of the ICA Task Force from 2020-21 which advised the ICA Board on its ambition for enhancing the engagement of ICA with EU institutions and other stakeholders in Europe for the benefit of ICA members. With Rasa‘s experience of working in the Brussels arena and her experience of the ICA Task Force, she is very well placed to support the implementation of the new „ICA Strategy Towards 2030“ under the direction of the ICA Board.

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