Call for Nominations for the ICA Excellence Awards 2023

The Association for European Life Science Universities wishes to recognise individuals who have achieved excellence in furthering the values and mission of ICA as described in the ICA Strategy towards 2030.

Calls are made for nominations for the ICA Excellence Award in each of the following three categories:

  • ICA Excellence AwardLifetime Achievements
  • ICA Excellence AwardEarly-Stage Academic
  • ICA Excellence AwardNetworking

You are invited to nominate persons for the awards who have achieved excellence in the following criteria:

  1. Providing thought leadership, inspiration, and by contributing new knowledge through research and/or innovation for the European and global sustainable circular bioeconomy and society, and/or;
  2. Enhancing education in the specific areas relevant to ICA and more generally in the areas of the sustainable bioeconomy and society, and/or;
  3. Developing cooperation through contributing to platforms, joint learning, outreach and networking, and/or sharing experiences and understanding among European colleagues, resulting in improved research, education or innovation and/or;
  4. Achieving impact and relevance with specific reference to the ICA values and mission.

NOMINATION DEADLINE – 1st September 2023

Download the full details of the Call - see specific desciption of the three Excellence Award categories

Download the Word Nomination Form

Individuals (Nominators) are invited to nominate others (Nominees, proposed Candidates) for the ICA Excellence Award to the ICA-Award-2023-selection panel

Each Nominee (the proposed Candidate) must be a member of a European Life Science University or a Life Science faculty of a comprehensive university – which is an ICA member or is eligible to apply for ICA membership according to the Bologna convention.

NOMINATION DEADLINE – 1 September 2023
Submit applications to the ICA secretariat by e-mail to Dr Rasa Pakeltiene (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 

Awards will be presented at the time of the ICA Rectors and Deans Forum 2023 to be held on 19 October, 2023 which will be held at JUNIA, Lille, France.