ICA & ICA Standing Commitee Events in 2023

ICA Rectors and Deans Forum 2023: will be held on 19 and 20 October at JUNIA, Lille, France and will focus on One Health Triad Challenges for Life Science Universities and on the Opportunities and Threats of AI (artificial intelligence) in Education and Research

The ICA General Assembly 2023 will be held online on 12 October at 16.00

ICA Board Education Committees Workshops 26 - 28 April 2023

ICA-CoP Bio-Edu Workshop: Engaging with industry to ensure that graduates and professionals are well prepared for employment in the Bioeconomy.  The Workshop will be held at the Warsaw Univetrsity of Life Sciences (SGGW).

The following two Workshops planned to be onsite events will now be delivered online.  The new programmes will be reposted.

ICA-Edu Workshop: The Student Engagement Challenge

ICA-Edu SIG Workshop: Embedding student challenges and competitions in sustainable entrepreneurship education

In Partnership

ICA CoP Bio-Edu supporting the 5th International Summer School on the Circular Bioeocnomy and Sustainable Development: 24 to 30 July 2023, Organised by  University of Athens in cooperation with Perrotis College (American Farm School) Thessalonika Greece. Was held at the American Farm School Thessaloniki, Greece. 

ICA Standing Committees face to face Events

SILVA Network Annual Conference: 11 – 13 April, 2023 to be held the University of Sopron, Hungary

AGRINATURA Conference: 10 - 12  May to be held at Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Czech Republic

IROICA Conference: 26th Annual IROICA Conference 14-16 June 2023 (MCI Innsbruck), 12-13 June (BOKU Vienna, pre-conference)

CASEE Conference: 28 - 30 June 2023 to be held at the Technical University of Moldova, Chisinau, Moldova

AGRIMBA Board Meeting: 29 June 2023, Faculty of Agriculture, Zagreb University, Croatia.  June 30 Project meetings.

ISEKI Conference: 7th International ISEKI-Food Conference "Next-Generation of Food Research, Education and Industry to be held from 5 - 7 July 2023 at AgroParisTech in Paris, France